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18 October 2006 @ 10:00 pm
I'd like to do something for my Birthday (oct.24th) but I have no ideas... 
My actual birthday-day i'll be at school then on Bainbridge, hopefully winning soccer...
who wants to hang this weekend or next?
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07 September 2006 @ 10:27 pm
help me decide where to go to school:

not much playing time the first 2-3 years.
amazing city
great academics
decent med program


Bates College, Lewiston Maine
four years of over 80% playing time
Really good academically
great med program
greatski slopes out your back door
tiny little city (which i'm cool with)
white water rafting guiding jobs
coolest freaking clubs ever... including improv  (strange bedfellows)
tiny classes/(small school... like 1,300 people)

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07 September 2006 @ 10:16 pm
so yesterday I ran into Dart... today I ran into Jon and Patrick....

any chance of running into you tomorrow?
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09 April 2006 @ 08:09 pm
Today, I flew to Chicago, then Boston, then drove to Maine. yep, I'm in Maine. my college trip has begun. welcome to 6 days and 5 nights of traveling the east coast with none other than, you guessed it, MOM.  she's currently asleep in the bed next to mine. that's how I like her best... asleep.  
Shout out to celenus, cuz I drove through Portsmouth (sp?) New Hampshire today...   

we were supposed to leave on saturday, but we had to postpone because my mom was having some serious atrial fibrulation (sp) that wouldn't go away, so they had to shock her with the paddles (defibrulators) until her heart beat went back to normal.
if you're really interested in where i'm going the schedule is
anyways...  on a totally unrelated note. my temple softball team is reforming again... and we really need some players... You don't have to be jewish even!!! so, who likes softball? actually, we are in desperate need for women!!!  ATTENTION funkycold, shutupandrow, kristinkaci
you guys would be perfect! anyways, that's all for now. talk to everyone later... dont be afraid to call too, i have my cell.

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19 March 2006 @ 07:38 pm
Life is cool. It revolves around 4 things. School, Soccer, My Mom and Grey's Anatomy. 

In reverse order. I fucking love this show. I'm addicted. I wish Addison would choke on a baby and die, so the Derek and Meredith can get back together. I've purchaced/watched the Season 1 DVD, and am downloading/watching them in sequential order. i'm up to S2E08 'Let It Be'. Burke is fucking hott. Dr. McDreamy is just a smidge hotter though. 
Shit with my mom is pretty good. she's out of town most of the time... (think every Thurs-Sun. and next week Wed-Sun) so it makes for a more relaxing living space. 
Soccer... god damn...  the most political most back stabbical, evil thing in the world. i hope none of you have to go through the ocean of shit that is "tryouts" (i'll explain why soon)  I'm playing this year for Emerald City FC, a division 1 team that I played for a few years ago. pretty much all the same girls. pretty much awesome.  even awesome-er i got invited to try out for the seattle sounders, womens team... i'm shitting my pants. if I make it, you all have to come watch me play.
School. doing good. planing a college trip for the week of spring break. I'm going to go see:

       *school I REALLY want to go to.

the week after that, i'm going to the deschutes river to river raft with my friends from school. so it'll be awesome

Also, I've been out of touch with a lot of people. so If i haven't talked to you in at least 2 weeks, gimmie a ring. (2) 660.6490
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02 March 2006 @ 05:44 pm
this is bad, oh so very bad...
The following is parts from the Washington Post.

The measure, which passed the state Senate 23 to 12, makes it a felony for doctors to perform any abortion, except to save the life of a pregnant woman.....  

abortion opponents succeeded in defeating all amendments designed to mitigate the ban, including exceptions in the case of rape or incest or the health of the woman. Hunt said that such "special circumstances" would have diluted the bill and its impact on the national scene.

dammit people are stupid. The desired goal won't even be achieved. Instead, they are making abortion into a socio-economic issue. Only the people who can pay to go to a different state can have an abortion. The others either won't, or will go get a coat hanger. This is, indeed, fucking not okay.

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28 February 2006 @ 07:43 pm

If you could choose any name for yourself in the entire world, what would it be?   the best answer gets a really good prize.

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27 February 2006 @ 07:12 pm

Lacrosse season started again. I forgot how much fun it was, and I forgot how good I am, WAY better than soccer! I know we're going to win the State Championship, I just know. It feels really good to be doing another team sport. I just don't know how I'm going to handle this AND soccer, AND school. good thing my mom took away all other distractions... :(

And I'll post the schedule somewhere so all you folk can come watch me play! you know you want to!

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27 February 2006 @ 07:10 pm
I run on Saturdays or Sundays, usually the burke gilman (will travel!). 8-10 minute miles. 2-6 mile runs maybe...

just starting out, not super high intensity... just fun.

anyone interested in keeping me company??!
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10 February 2006 @ 09:29 am

I want to be at home, on the sofa. preferably eating pancakes, and watching family guy.

so, what are your view on Valentines day? legit holiday? or just something else for MC Hallmark and MC American greetings to rap battle about...
also, any really bad relationship stories? like "he broke up with me on a post-it note"
bad first dates? anything really. no holds barred.

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